The Joys of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a wonderful brand that primarily began with selling lingerie but has grown to become a woman’s go to store for everthing fashionable! Has anyone ever wondered why Victoria’s Secret is so popular amongst millions, maybe even billions of women all around the world? Sure, they have a variety of wonderful lingerie, clothing, accessories, and makeup, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Victoria’s Secret sells women a fantasy. This fantasy asserts that once you put on anything made from the brand, you will instantly be one of the sexiest women alive. You will not only look the part, but feel just as desired as any model that you’ve seen promoting the product.

Around Christmas a friend and I witnessed the power of the VS brand. Inside the store, women and men were everywhere grabbing at panties, bras, and other items as if they were about to disappear any second. I confess that I myself purchased a few items that at the time, I thought I couldn’t do without. Chalk that up to the Christmas spirit.

Well I can definitely say that it was worth it after I found the most perfect bra on the face of the planet! This bra is smooth, shapely, and simply sexy all in one. When I put it on it’s like wearing nothing at all, and any woman can tell you a bra tale or two. Buying a bra is one of the most infuriating experiences ever! This is especially true for women with extra weight up top. Anywho, I went into VS one day with my mind set on spending $30 on a reasonably formed bra. In the midst of trying on several and getting cranky, I pointed to one of the Secret Embrace bras and asked the attendant to grab one for me. To make a long story short, I was in heaven after putting this bra on! The price was about $20 more then your local boho clothing store, but what can I say, it was worth it.

Victoria’s Secret has catalogues that the company sends out to its customers and the savings are always great. The variety with which this brand gives is amazing. A woman can construct her whole wardrobe (down to the underwear) from this one store and look absolutely breathtaking. Another reason this store does so well (besides the commercials and additional advertisements), is because many of the products are good to give as gifts. Perfume and lotion sets, pajama sets, and makeup sets are among the most popular when gift giving.

Victoria’s Secret keeps getting better at providing women with items that remind her she is worthy of being pampered, and feeling fabulous! The products are affordable, beautiful, and high quality. This store has a shopper for life in me!